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Create a Strong Brand Identity with the Correct Kind of Logo Design

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Your brand identity has the amazing potential to keep your company competitive and on edge in the ever-changing marketing landscape, allowing you to maintain your position globally. As such, it is essential to choose a logotype that complements your purpose for existing as well as your brand persona. Creating a logo is a difficult task that requires careful consideration of many factors before selecting the best option for your company.  You will find it easier to make a decision if you are aware of the unique advantages and disadvantages of each logotype.

Many things affect your brand identity, but one of the most important ones is the logo’s design, which helps your audience remember your company. For this reason, professionals typically advise hiring a qualified graphic designer from a reputable design firm to produce a unique logo design for you. One creative design firm, LogoOrbit, for example, is well-known for its outstanding design abilities and practical experience in producing some amazing logo designs.  Some of the most popular logotypes used by prestigious companies are listed below.

Signature Logos

Popular companies that use lettermark logos, also referred to as typography-oriented logo type, include NASA, Disney, and the BBC. These work best for companies whose names are very long and challenging to pronounce. However, it reduces three or four lengthy words into a short, sharp logo that is simple to recall. It’s important to use a font in this kind of logo design that won’t go out of style anytime soon and to keep it in line with current trends in logo design.  They are simple enough to be instantly recognizable while still being highly easy to understand.

Mixture of Logos

Combination logos are made up of a combination of text and a symbol or icon, as can be seen in the designs of Pizza Hut and Burger King. They are referred to as “all-around” logos, which makes them a good choice if you want to make it more clear what your company does. You can effectively use brief text to enhance an icon or symbol so that consumers will more readily associate your brand name with the image. It’s a great option for new businesses because it lets them make the most of the distinctive symbol and the typography. Nevertheless, due to their complexity, they must be completed correctly by a design specialist.

Undefined Logos

Customers are more likely to remember abstract logotypes due to their distinctive design and deft use of graphical elements, according to research. The sole drawback to this kind of logo design is that, while it appears difficult to understand, it is strong enough to leave a lasting impression. It is definitely a good fit for large companies in a variety of industries. For example, companies that deal with clothing and physical recreation can use abstract logos to add an icon or symbol to their products.

It has the ability to draw clients in at first glance, but more importantly, it piques people’s interest and persuades them to look for your goods or services, which is ultimately a terrific method to boost sales.

Persona/Mascot Seal

The term “mascot” or “character” logos describes this type of logo design well—they resemble a mascot or character that will serve as a representation of your company. Character logos can assist you in effectively connecting with your target audience if you want to give your brand a face, an exciting message, or an identity that speaks to who you are as a company and what makes you stand out from the competition. It can change into many different shapes and sizes when used properly, which can affect how the audience views your company. They work best for companies that want to show off their lively and amiable brand image while fostering goodwill toward their mascot.

Logomark Wordmark

Create a Strong Brand Identity with the Correct Kind of Logo Design

Wordmark logos are those where the company name is included in the typography that serves as the focal point. The New York Times and Google, for example, are the ideal examples of wordmark logos. They are a great option for companies whose names are creative and intriguing. If you want to use your logo to build brand awareness across a variety of media, this may also be the best option for you. Furthermore, it can be useful even if you want your logo to have a striking, original color or typeface.

Final Thoughts

Finally, here’s a critical piece of advice to help you stay top of mind with your target audience: when you are finalizing your company’s logo, don’t forget the important components that have the ability to make or break your brand identity. First and foremost, be well-versed in the target market you intend to cater to. Next, consider your competition in the market from other brands that are relevant. The third factor is the industry you work in. The positioning of your brand image is the final and most crucial thing to think about because it will have a big impact on your business. As a result, it is preferable to carry out in-depth research and make an informed choice, or you can speak with a qualified graphic designer who can assist you from the beginning to the end of the logo design process.


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