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Four Typical Errors to Steer Clear of When Editing Videos

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When it comes to video editing, everyone makes mistakes, especially in the beginning. These can be unintentional errors or poor judgments, and they are all a natural part of the learning process. If you don’t look for them, some editing errors might not have a significant effect on your videos or even be barely perceptible. Others, though, have the power to drastically change how the video is viewed. It’s critical that you steer clear of typical blunders that could result in the latter, so you must first be aware of what to look out for:

Inconsistency in color in video clips

The colors of video footage frequently differ when it is taken with different cameras or in different settings. It might not be that obvious on its own, but when you begin to piece the video together and arrange disparately colored video clips next to each other, it becomes obvious. You should consistently apply any color grading and color correct the video footage to avoid making this mistake.

Out-of-time audio recordings

When editing videos, one of the most frequent unintentional errors is when the audio track is marginally out of sync with the visual. It frequently occurs when you’re combining clips and fail to notice that a small portion of the audio track has been moved slightly out of position. As you edit, it’s crucial to periodically check the audio and video and listen for any issues with audio synchronization. If you search for it, you ought to be able to find it fairly quickly and fix it in a few seconds at most.

lingering flash frames

Four Typical Errors to Steer Clear of When Editing Videos

Inadvertently leaving in “flash frames” is another common error made by novices. A flash frame is essentially a few empty video frames that are meant to be seen but give the impression of appearing “flashing” into existence. This error may have resulted from either an inadvertent inclusion of intentionally deleted material or a tiny gap in the video. Either way, there’s an easy fix: To identify and eliminate flash frames before they occur, closely observe and go over the timeline.

Overuse of graphics effects

Your videos can benefit from the addition of visual effects, which can enhance the content in a number of ways or add extra visual meaning. However, as they say, a good thing can never be had in excess. Using too many visual effects will make your video seem cheesy, unprofessional, and tacky. Generally speaking, you ought to employ visual effects exclusively when you have a clear objective in mind for them. Attempt to keep the total amount of effects you use to a minimum.

In addition to the errors mentioned above, you should also check for mismatched frame rates in video clips. You will have to attempt to ensure that you record your video at the same frame rate, as this cannot be effectively fixed in an editor. Generally, no matter what program you’re using, you should be able to avoid making these errors if you keep an eye out for them when editing video. If you’re looking for something more user-friendly, Mojavi Video Editor is one option. While there are undoubtedly numerous other errors you could (and most likely will) make, the ones mentioned above are most likely to cause the most problems. However, after you’ve edited the video, you should be able to see any more errors and take the necessary action to fix them before exporting the finished product.


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