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Four Unknown Tricks Your Security Camera Could Do

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Everyone knows that having a home security camera will help keep burglars away and our house secure. In fact, 245 million professionally installed video surveillance cameras were live and functioning globally in 2014 alone, according to IHS Markit. However, take into account all of the other things your security camera can do that you probably never gave much thought to if you’re unsure about buying a security camera system or wish you could get a little more for your money. These are some cool tricks that range from making home movies to cracking a good mystery.

Beyond keeping your house safe, your security system can perform entertaining tasks. Start by using the footage from your security cameras to make your own time-lapse movies. Upload your video to an editing program, then use the controls to speed it up or down, add new photos or videos, slice and chop it, and download it. Then, using your security camera, share your video with neighbors or family to demonstrate your newly acquired abilities.

While you’re away, check the current weather

Four Unknown Tricks Your Security Camera Could Do

Have you ever wondered if the reason it was snowing was your concern for the car you left in the driveway? Are you curious about the intensity of the rain and if it affects your garden area? Sure, you can look at the statistics and check the weather, but that won’t tell you exactly what’s going on or how it affects your property. Alternatively, you can always check the current weather from anywhere. Check the footage from your security camera system, see what’s happening, and call your neighbor to see if they can help you move your car into the garage and get your extra keys.

Document family moments

It’s enjoyable to host a family reunion outside, but it can be challenging to maintain the flow and record the moment as it happens. After your big celebration, check out your home security camera system rather than spending the entire day hidden behind the camera. Download the video, make a movie with it, or share it by framing screenshots. Even better, host another gathering so you can all watch the video. It’s a wonderful reason to get the family back together.

Crack a good enigma

What’s been happening recently at your lawn or front door? Why is the rocking chair always a few feet to the left, you ask? Wondering who takes your morning paper every single day of the week? See your security footage instead of starting a time-consuming stakeout. When it rains, perhaps the kids from the neighborhood are waiting for the bus while sitting on your porch. Maybe the guy who lives next door isn’t being entirely truthful when he says he has no idea who is stealing your paper. Just play the video for him, and watch as he tries to come up with an excuse. At least you will know that your missing newspaper issue will be resolved.

Your home security system can do a lot of entertaining and fascinating things that you probably never considered in addition to keeping your property safe. See what ideas you can come up with after trying a few of these tips. It’s possible that your security camera will provide you with more benefits than you had anticipated.


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