How to Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan for Your Family

We love to get health insurance plan that provide maximum coverage for our loved ones. However, accessibility of many health insurance plans, it can get hard to choose right one. Withstand too many policies, their features, limitations can seem alarming task. It would be appropriate or not to avoid from hassle, crowd of people getting health plan without any awareness. Here are some useful info to get health insurance plan for your family.

  1. Seek Correct Policy Coverage

Choose a health plan that gives you coverage against a broad range of medical issues, pre and post hospitalization, ambulance charges, maternity welfare, cashless treatment, daily hospital cash benefits and many others. If you are getting health insurance plan for your family, assure that policy contains such elements to meet the requirements of each member that has to be insured.

Consider your needs, compare different plans, and check out the features of policy and limitations. There can be hidden elements like sub-limits, waiting period etc. that we tend to skip. Therefore assure that you can undergo the policy features for clarifying all terms and conditions. This would do to create ease for you and your family don’t face any kind of trouble at time of claim.

Single Person Plans

Health insurance plans that contains on single individual under a single sum. This is a reimburse health insurance plan wherein the claim would paid only for born expenses for hospitalization. So if you are looking a plan for yourself or for any individual, you can opt for this kind of plan

Full Family Plans

Health insurance plan that cover all family members under a single sum is most beneficial. Family health insurance plans gives umbrella coverage so that every person can claim their required needs can fulfill.  This kind of family plans are truly for young families. 

Old Persons Plans

Health insurance plans that cover individuals age number 60 years or above. Since this plan specially allowed to senior citizens, it usually cover all crucial benefits that senior citizens would require like outpatient department treatment coverage, preexisting disease coverage etc. this type of plan can be opt for parents.

Serious Illness plans

Health Insurance plans that cover critical illness and pay sum insured if the person suffers from any covered illness like heart attack, stroke, and cancer etc. These plans are usually having fixed benefits for example if you are diagnosed with any critical illness, the whole amount will pay that spent on treatment. This plan can be opt for enhanced coverage.

Insurance plans that offer additional coverage beyond the basic policy limits

There are substantial health plans which some having deductible limit. Plans paid their claimed exceeding the deductible limit.

Opting for top up health insurance plan is the cheapest way to enhance your already existing health insurance treatment.

So you can opt one family health insurance policy covering yourself, spouse and children. If you have parents, you may opt any separate senior citizen policy for them. Even in case of children, assure that family health insurance plan would cover them till 23 or 25 years of their age. Once your children cross this number of age, a direct health insurance plan would require for them.

Along with health insurance plan for family, critical illness plan is also suggested. This policy will cover all alarming diseases which have become usual in recent times and gives you benefits to meet the expense of treatment. So you can take for critical illness policy to coverage for family.

  • Seek Flexibility in Adding new family members to policy

While taking a family health plan, assure that you can add new member of your family easily. If most senior family member died or not eligible for this coverage then the family members can continue with same plan without skipping any profit of this plan.

  • Examine Waiting Period Clause

Usually health plans cover pre-existing diseases, maternity costs and specific treatments like hernia, heart-attack etc. After a specified time period like 2 to 4 years which changes from one plan to other. For example maternity expenses are usually covered after period of 2 to 4 years from date when bought. Assure that you check the time period after which existing diseases will covered in family health plan and select a plan that comes with least waiting duration.

  • Review Co-Payment Clause

It is the amount that you will have to pay from your own pocket. The insurance company gives all hospitalization costs. For example if you are using policy of 10% co-pay clause, this says that for claiming amount of 1 lakh you will need to give 10,000 just while the remaining amount of 90k will pay by company according to claim. You can take policy without co-payment feature.

  • Select a plan with Lifetime Renewal option

Lifetime continual is also a crucial element to taking into account. Many of us just forgetting this. Assure that you check the duration of policy remains: check it gives limited lifetime or renewable. This is just because of you need a health plan during coming years of age. So select a family health plan that gives lifetime continuity. This will help you to carry on same plan without any hurdle of buying a new plan. For instance health insurance plan gives continuity of 45 years. After crossing this age limit, you have to buy new plan.

  • Check Limitations on Room rent

You can get a private room in hospital, semi-private or shared room, it depend on type of your selective plan. It is always better to get policy that gives a higher room on rent limit if you want to skip extra payment.

  • Select an Appropriate Insurance Coverage Amount

You need to select sum insured that is enough to cover all expenses of medical treatment of all members of family. High medical costs and medical increase is usually desirable. These high sum insured concluded in a high premium. Such as if availability becomes issue, you can take top-up health insurance to increase coverage limitations without any premium feature.

A top-up policy works like a substantial health plan. This policy has some least limit. Claiming for least limits are not paid. Therefore if claims limit exceed then top-up plan pay excess claims. Top-up health insurance plan considers the least for every individual claims where top up takes some space.

  • Verify Coverage Limits and Sub-limits

Some health insurance plans have sub-limits on giving rooms on rent especially for lower sum. If there is a sub-limit, it refrains the total coverage. If you take a room whose rent is higher than permitted sub-limit, your claim will properly reduce. Plans without these sub-limits are having high costs.

For example some coverage welfares have limits on them. Some common coverage welfares where sub-limits applicable involve the following-

Ali treatments includes medicines treatment such as naturopathy-related like homeopathy

  • OPD costs
  • Domiciliary treatments
  • Maternity treatment
  • Organ door costs

When you are purchasing a health insurance plan for family, check the sub-limits and applicability. Try to take plans which don’t have sub-limits on room rent and other costs.

  • Examine the insurance company’s Hospital Network

Health insurance plans permit without cash hospitalization where you cannot pay bills directly.  The insurance company shoulders pay bills on behalf. Hospitalization without cash in easy and financial freedom. Therefore the profits is allowed just it you get admitted in hospital which has linked with insurance company. Insurance companies discusses the number of hospitals they are linked with. You can search the list of hospitals in your city on company’s website.

When you purchase a family health plan, check the list of hospitals. Check the common hospital that is linked with insurance company or not. Also check the strength. The stronger and powerful it means you are able to locate hospital easily.

  1.  Confirm the Waiting Period for Pre-existing Conditions

Existing illness are those which you and your family have till you bought the health insurance policy. Since the health issue is already present, there is waiting period before treating them. The waiting period is named as pre-existing period and it varies from 12 months to 48 months.

If your any family member have some health issue already, look for a plan which have low waiting mode. When waiting duration is low you would be able to get treatment for illness on early basis.  Therefore if no one suffers from any health issue and you are purchasing a plan in young age, you can take plans for longer time.

  1.  Compare the Insurance Premiums

Health insurance plans are given by many insurance companies. Every company has its own costs policy and so the premium health plans vary. When purchasing health insurance plans, always compare the policies on two categories-

The coverage that they provide

The premium that they charge

Don’t compare premiums directly because the coverage effects the premium rates. Plan can offer low premium but it might not be suitable for coverage. So compare the premium against welfare and then select plan which provide scope of affordable treatment.

  1.  Review the List of Exclusion

In spite of suitability of health plan, there are some examples where coverage is banned. Such examples are named as policy prohibitions and every health plan have a list of it. When you are purchasing health insurance plan for family, check the list properly. When you know the prohibitions, you would know what is treated by plan and not.

  1.  Check for better discounts

Health insurance plans provide pretty discounts on premium to low premium outgoing. Discounts are provided by following steps-

  • No claim discount for previous policy
  •  Discount on adding two or more members
  • Discount on purchasing online policy
  • Discount for practicing healthy lifestyle

Look for discounts provided by plan so that you consider to buy. Select plan which provide maximum discounts so that you can save cost.

  1.  Search for Additional Benefits of Value

When contrasting health insurance plans, look for value-added profits which many plans give. Value-added welfare which are provided by coverage features. Common welfare involves-

  • Free medical checkups
  • Telemedicine assistance
  • Free of cost consultation
  • Assessment of health issues
  • Insurance restoration

These welfare give something extra with coverage and boost your health insurance. Wellness is very crucial element, specifically in post-pandemic situation and can be taking into account the time of opting. Select health insurance policy after considering all discussed aspects. This would help to search related and best health insurance plan. Go online for perfect policy.

What actions to take during Health Insurance Coverage?

If you are an employer in well-reputed organization, you will get coverage by your company’s health insurance policy.  Such coverage have also its reaching to family members. If you and your family members covered under group health plan, it mean you don’t need any policy.

Even when you have group health policy, buying an independent health plan for family in necessary. Some reasons are given:

  • For sufficient Amount of Insurance coverage

The group cover have limited insured and cannot be improved according your preference. For this purpose you will have individual health plan. You can also take super top-up plan.

  • For Obtaining Policy with relevant Coverage benefits

It gives standard coverage welfare. If you need suitable and inclusive scope of treatment, for this independent plan is required.

  • For Lifetime Coverage

Group plans permit coverage only when you are member of group. When you get retirement, you would lose the coverage which is crucial in older ages.

  • For tax benefits Associated with Health Insurance

You can enjoy tax profits under 80D sections on premiums that you pay for direct health insurance plan up to 25k every year on premium basis for family, spouse and children. Use of health group coverage as substantial cover but it cannot placed by individual insurance plan.

Evaluating Your Health Insurance Policy

Just purchasing health insurance plan for family is not enough. You should check coverage every year to assure that plan is related to our requirement. For instance, if you are married or have a child, that new member of your family should be added into coverage. Add the member for renewal policy.

Likely if you want to take rider to sum insured for changing, do this in time of renewal policy.  Regular checking of your coverage would assure that coverage stay related to all steps of life. Therefore, health insurance plans permit lifetime treatment. So make new your policy within due-date without making any disturbance against medical coverage.

A health insurance plan is unchangeable. When you need to purchase same for family then careful in matter of selecting plans. Consider the existing points and compare all plans to search for looking best plans.

Hence health insurance plan can be ported for example, changing in any insurance company, you don’t need to face waiting period for match. You can convert later.


You can use the tips discussed above to improve coverage profits when purchasing health insurance for family. You would be able to make decision.

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