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Retrieve video files that were inadvertently erased from the hard drive

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This article will go over Wonder share’s USB data recovery software, which is intended to help recover accidentally or purposely erased files from hard drives and flash drives. You can rely on the software to help you through some challenging situations.

What information about USB flash drives is necessary?

This backup device can be used to store data files in a variety of formats, including documents, audio, photos, videos, and more. There will, nevertheless, inevitably be instances in which you harm your disk or unintentionally erase crucial information from it. You’re in the correct place. Continue reading to learn how to successfully recover deleted data. Data loss is a frequent issue. The capacity of USB flash drives tends to diminish with time. You can’t ignore this entirely, though, because a USB drive is a common storage device that can hold a variety of file types.

Potential situations

There exist multiple scenarios wherein data may be misplaced and subsequently unfound in the Recycle Bin. It’s possible that a virus attack will erase some data permanently from your system. Alternatively, you might format your flash drive without intending to erase your data. Wonder share’s Recovery is the best video recovery software, though, regardless of the situation you’re in.

For you, Recover USB Data Recovery Software is the ideal choice!

The capacity of this USB data recovery software to recover erased data from a USB drive is excellent. You may anticipate a great deal from this software in order to effectively navigate through every scenario. Take note of the easy steps listed below! To understand them, you don’t have to be an expert

Recovery enables you to

Retrieve video files that were inadvertently erased from the hard drive

  • Without giving yourself a headache, scan and recover deleted files from a USB drive.
  • Repair your USB drive to its original state.
  • Work with any format and type of storage since the program can be used to recover videos from SD cards, Hard Drives, and other storage devices.


  • The first thing you should do is download and install USB Data Recovery software. This step can be completed for free. Choose the version you are working with and download it. Download and install the Mac version if you use a Mac for work.
  • Ascertain that the USB flash drive you have chosen is connected to your computer. Choose your USB device from the list. When you click “Start,” the scanning process will start right away.
  • Sneak peek. You can view a preview of the successfully restored video files after the scan is complete. What happens if the desired video file is not available? Utilize the “All-Around Recovery” setting! You can scan and look for additional hidden video files using this mode. You will need more time, of course. After locating what you’re looking for, select “Recover” to obtain your data.

Vital Documents

Avoid attempting to store every one of your recovered video files on the same USB drive. You need to locate a different location to keep your recovered data. With any luck, this post will enable you to retrieve that crucial video file that was inadvertently removed from your USB flash drive. Thanks for reading, and please give it a shot!


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