Why Is Sutab Not Covered By Insurance?

Sutab is a tablet-form medicine that doctors prescribe to help clean out a person’s intestines before a colonoscopy, or a special doctor’s exam of the large intestine. Why is sutab not covered by insurance? People often need help with how much Sutab costs and whether their health insurance will pay for it. Since it’s only available as a brand-name drug and not in a cheaper, generic form, finding ways to make it more affordable is important for many patients.

What is Sutab?

Sutab is a medicine that comes in the form of tablets. It’s used to help clean out your intestines, like a super-powered cleaner, before you have a procedure called a colonoscopy. This is where doctors look inside your large intestine to check for anything unusual. Sutab has three main ingredients that work together to get your intestines ready for the exam:

  • Sodium sulfate: This part draws water into your intestines, which helps loosen and flush out waste.
  • Magnesium sulfate Also pulls water into your intestines and helps with cleaning.
  • Potassium chloride: Helps balance your body’s potassium levels while taking the medicine.

Sutab’s role is to ensure your intestines are as clean as possible so the doctor can get a good look inside during the colonoscopy.

Understanding Sutab Costs

The cost of Sutab can differ for everyone and depends on a few things. It’s not just about the price tag on the box; other factors can make it more or less expensive for you:

  • Insurance coverage: Whether your health insurance will pay for Sutab can make a big difference. Some insurance plans cover it, while others don’t, meaning the cost can vary greatly.
  • Pharmacy choice: Where you decide to buy Sutab can also affect the price. Different pharmacies might charge different prices for the same medicine.
  • Your treatment plan: The treatment details, like how many tablets you need, can also change the cost. Sometimes, the amount of medicine your doctor prescribes can make it more expensive.

Brand Name vs. Generic: Why Sutab Costs More

When you’re shopping, you might notice that some products have a well-known name, like Nike sneakers, which usually cost more than the ones without a big brand name. Medicines work the same way. Why is sutab not covered by insurance? Sutab is like the Nike of its kind—it’s a brand-name drug. This means it’s usually more expensive than generic drugs, like store-brand products. Here’s why Sutab costs more:

  • Research and Testing: Before Sutab could be sold, the company that made it had to do research and tests. This is to ensure it’s safe for people to take and that it works well. This process can take years and costs a lot of money. Because of all this effort, Sutab’s price has become higher.
  • Patent Protection: When a new medicine like Sutab is made, it gets a patent. This is like a special shield that stops other companies from making and selling their versions of Sutab for a certain amount of time. This patent helps the company that made Sutab get back the money it spent on research and testing by being the only drug seller for a while. Once the patent runs out, other companies can start making generic, usually cheaper versions.

Why Is Sutab Not Covered By Insurance? 

There can be a few hurdles when it comes to paying for Sutab with insurance. Why is sutab not covered by insurance? Here’s why getting insurance to cover Sutab might not always be straightforward:

  • Different plans cover different things: Just like every family has its own rules, every insurance plan has its rules about what medicines it pays for. Some plans might cover Sutab, while others might not.
  • Prior authorization might be needed: Sometimes, before your insurance agrees to pay for Sutab, your doctor has to explain why you need it. This is called prior authorization. It’s like asking for permission first. If you don’t get this approval, you might have to pay the full cost yourself.
  • Medicare coverage can be tricky: If you have Medicare, whether it covers Sutab also varies. You’ll need to check your specific plan details because different parts of Medicare cover different things. You might also require prior authorization with Medicare, just like other insurance plans.

Saving on Sutab: Discounts and Assistance Programs

If you need Sutab but are worried about the cost, don’t worry! There are several ways you can save some money. Why is sutab not covered by insurance? Here are a few options to consider:

  • Optum Perks Coupons: Think of these like the coupons you use at the store to buy snacks at a lower price. Optum Perks offers coupons to help you pay less for Sutab at the pharmacy.
  • Sutab Savings Copay Card: This is a special card you can use if you don’t have Medicare. It helps lower the money you must pay when you pick up your Sutab from the pharmacy.
  • Medicare Part D Alternative Savings Program: If you have Medicare, this program is designed to help you save money on Sutab, even if it’s usually not covered by your plan.
  • Medicine Assistance Tool and NeedyMeds: These websites are like helpful guides. They can show you different ways to save on Sutab, like finding programs to help you pay less or even get it for free if you qualify.


Why is sutab not covered by insurance? It’s important to look into how you can save money on Sutab. Prices can vary greatly, depending on whether you have insurance or which pharmacy you go to. Talk to your doctor, insurance company, or even the pharmacy to see what options are available. They can help you determine how to get Sutab at the best price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Sutab cost with insurance?

It depends on your insurance plan. Some plans cover it, so you pay less, but some don’t. You need to check with your insurance to see what you’ll pay.

What about Sutab’s cost without insurance?

Without insurance, Sutab can be expensive. But, using coupons or savings programs can help lower the cost.

Is there a generic version of Sutab?

No, there’s no generic version of Sutab right now. That’s one reason why it’s a bit pricey.

How can I find out if Medicare covers Sutab?

The best way is to call your Medicare plan provider and ask if Sutab is covered. Remember, you might also need prior authorization.


For more information or help with Sutab, check out these resources:

  • Official Sutab Website: Find detailed information about Sutab, including how it works and savings programs.
  • Optum Perks: Offers coupons that can help you save on your Sutab prescription.
  • Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT): Helps you find patient assistance programs.

NeedyMeds: Another great resource for finding help with the cost of your medications.

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