Who is Mr. Thank You (Real Name, Net worth Biography)

mrthank you

Mr. Thank You’s real name is “Sergey Kosenko,” but his social media name “Mr. Thank you” is a Russian businessman, businessman and social media personality born on August 23, 1987 in Moscow. With a large following on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, Kosenko has become a notable personality, flaunting his lifestyle and sharing insights on finances and entrepreneurship.

Sergey Kosenko (thank you sir) Net worth:

A dynamic entrepreneur, Sergey Kosenko has quickly become a driving force in the real estate and NFT space. From founding “Amazy,” an innovative lifestyle app offering crypto rewards, to launching “Habibi Real Estate” in Dubai with a real estate portfolio valued at $50 million, Kosenko’s net worth has skyrocketed. close to 500 million dollars. His background embodies strategic diversification and entrepreneurial spirit, making him a key player at the intersection of technology and finance.

Early age and education:

Although Kosenko’s birthplace is Moscow, there are conflicting reports pointing to Hungary. He is reported to have attended both the Moscow Institute of Electrical Engineering and Moscow State University, although his academic achievements at these institutions remain unclear.

Race entry:

In 2014, Kosenko began his journey in clothing retail and eventually expanded his business. However, challenges, including supply chain issues, led to dissatisfaction among customers who experienced delays or shortages in receiving their products. Undeterred, Kosenko turned to blogging and social media, establishing herself on Instagram and YouTube, where she shares ideas about finances and entrepreneurship.

Appearance on reality shows:

In 2020, Sergey Kosenko participated in the Russian reality show “Island of Heroes,” where he and other semi-famous personalities tested their survival skills on a remote island with minimal resources.

Getting started with NFTs:

In 2022, Kosenko entered the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT) by launching the “Amazy” project in collaboration with Artem Nikolaev. Amazy is described as a lifestyle app that offers cryptocurrency rewards for physical activity, highlighting Kosenko’s interest in the intersection of technology and lifestyle.

Real Estate Entrepreneurship in Dubai “Habibi Real Estate”, demonstrating his commitment to the real estate industry The company reportedly has a real estate investment portfolio valued at more than $50 million, highlighting Kosenko’s success in diversifying his business interests.

Media controversies:

Kosenko is no stranger to controversy, making social media headlines with unconventional stunts. In 2021, he came under fire for hosting a lavish party in Bali during COVID-19 restrictions, resulting in deportation and a six-month ban on re-entry into Indonesia.

In another incident, Kosenko caused outrage when he tied his girlfriend to the roof of his car with duct tape over her mouth while she was handcuffed to him. Because he defended this as a vote of confidence, he was fined about $10, prompting public condemnation.

Personal Information:

  • Full Name: Sergey Kosenko
  • Birthdate: August 23, 1987
  • Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Known As: Mr. Thank You
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur, Investor
  • Founder of: AMAZY
  • Location: Russia
  • Email Address: media@kosenkogroup.ru

MrBeast: How the world’s biggest YouTuber made his millions

Jimmy Donaldson, the person the online world knows as Mr Beast, is the biggest YouTuber in the world, and with that popularity comes big money.

The 25-year-old left video creation behind and now runs his own fast food chain, Mr Beast Burger. He made headlines this week when he sued the company behind the chain, claiming fans found the food “disgusting.”

But it’s still YouTube that he’s best known for. As of November 2022, Forbes estimated that he earned $54 million (£42.5 million) from the platform in one year, combining advertising revenue from videos and sponsorship deals. Since then, it has gained 60 million additional subscribers to its main channel, for a total of 172 million.

And he has several other channels with tens of millions of subscribers, including one for philanthropy and another for video games.

However, it’s unclear exactly how much money he has in his pocket. Donaldson is known for investing the money he earns into his extremely expensive videos, which sometimes cost millions to produce. In a June podcast, he said he reinvests “every penny I make.”

It’s this approach to content that may explain why the American YouTuber attracts such a large audience, because it allows him to up the ante.

His biggest video to date, with 472 million views, recreated the Netflix hit The Squid Game in real life, including a $456,000 prize pool.

Compare that to 2017, when he said “Logan Paul” 100,000 times in 17 hours in his biggest videos, and a video in which he tipped pizza delivery drivers hundreds of dollars. Each has been viewed between 20 and 40 million times.

Outside of his videos, Donaldson is known for his philanthropy and his many business projects. It has a recognized charity that acts as a food bank to feed communities across the United States and has helped raise tens of millions of dollars for environmental protection.

And along with MrBeast Burger, part of a company he is now trying to exit, he has also launched a range of snacks called Feastables, which he claims are constantly selling out in the UK.

Getty Images MrBeast in front of a large crowdGetty Images

MrBeast poses before a crowd at the opening of his first physical burger restaurant in 2022

MrBeast brand offers

YouTubers may rely on advertising to generate a portion of their income, but sometimes that doesn’t cover MrBeast’s costs.

For example, Donaldson revealed to his Twitter subscribers in July that his latest video, which cost approximately $3 million to produce, had earned him $167,000 in sponsorships after just a few days. Even over the life of the video, the cost is unlikely to be recovered.

This is where sponsorship deals come into play. For some content creators, this may even represent a larger portion of their income than the ads themselves.

Lucy Edwards, a YouTuber with 705,000 subscribers, who became BBC Radio 1’s first blind presenter in 2019, told the BBC that a large part of her income comes from these brand partnerships.

“I am currently the face of Pantene, a global shampoo and hair care brand,” she said.

“And then I also have other one-off campaigns pretty regularly, maybe four to five activations a month; we make a minimal amount of money from TikTok and YouTube [advertising].”

He tends to rely on much shorter content than Donaldson; His most popular video lasts only two and a half minutes but receives two million views.

He said YouTubers like MrBeast could earn more thanks to the length of their videos, which typically last between 10 and 20 minutes.

“If you’re a long-form creator, you have post-roll, pre-roll, and mid-roll ads, and your content is longer than eight minutes, you’re making a lot of ad revenue,” he says.

“But all brands also want short content, so you always have to find a balance between the two.”

“When something goes up, people click on it.”

It can be difficult to categorize Donaldson’s videos.

This usually involves a challenge, like a video of how to survive in Antarctica for hours, or big cash prizes, like a million-dollar game of hide-and-seek.

But his most recent video, in which a train derails and ends up in a huge pit, does not fit this format.

Steven Bridges, a YouTuber with 470,000 subscribers, told the BBC that it was Donaldson’s creativity that fueled his growth: “I think what’s interesting about MrBeast is his absolute dedication to making what he believes is the best video possible.” .

“When he uploads it, people click on it. They know that clicking on a MrBeast video requires a lot of effort to make it truly entertaining.”

Does Google allow YouTube content?

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Accept and move on

Bridges has reinvented himself on YouTube in recent years, moving from magic content to card counting. His most popular video, showing a popular scam used to trick tourists in London, has been viewed 4.6 million times.

“It’s really hard to maintain a 10-year career on YouTube,” he said.

“But MrBeast just focuses on the only thing that really matters: putting the audience first and thinking, ‘What can I offer them that they’ll really love?'”

One of the main reasons for Donaldson’s success on YouTube may simply be his pleasant personality: even when he overtook PewDiePie to become the platform’s top content creator, his rival simply congratulated him and said he deserved it.

But despite being the most subscribed user on YouTube, Donaldson is still far from being the biggest channel on YouTube.

T-Series, an Indian music video publisher, leads the category with over 246 million subscribers.

But at 172 million and counting, it would be a brave person to bet that Donaldson will one day become the first YouTuber since PewDiePie to dethrone T-Series at the top.

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